SKV Fashion Media Management Welcomes new Talent to the Team!

As the season of august dawns on us, we celebrate the collaboration with our new Talent; Nozibusiso Mavimbela, Nondumiso Mavimbela and Risana Shitlhabane!

We are excited to bring to their brands a new dynamic approach to influencing!

Nozibusiso Mavimbela @callmezii_za our body positivity influencer!

Follow @callmezii_za on instagram, Twitter and TikTok

Risana Shitlhabane @tsongalese our relatable lifestyle and adolescent educator. Follow @tsongalese on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter

Nondumiso Mavimbela @ndu_mi our fashion expert and lifestyle curator. Follow @ndu_mi on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

We look forward to bringing innovative ideas to their content and brand collaborations!

For more information on our Talent or for collaborations email:

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